“The moment of choices which will effect a phase of your life or whole of it. Yup, we call it Decision.”

      Many times we take incorrect decisions in our life and pay for it for the rest…

But, why does that happen?

      Have you ever observed, what do we do when we are excited or furious or hurt or exhausted?

     We are dragged with uplifted or downtrodden stream of thoughts. Our mind loses control over thoughts and the emotions starts controlling it.

     We can acknowledge this by observing the change in rhythm of our breath. Our heart starts battling blood.

      The people or situation so much influences us that we are not ourselves now. We lose our natural state and perceive a diverted version of reality.


Now Our mind wants to calm down again…
We have to do something.
We have to react.
We have to reply, prove them wrong.
We have to DECIDE!


Now we have taken the revenge.
We can relax again.
The Breath is rhythmic, Heart soothing blood, Emotions leaving the control & Mind takes it back.

And guess what after some rounds of clock…

True version of reality appears to us.

      That decision we took seems improper. Our calm mind do not want to continue it.

Was it a good way to decide?

Obviously not!

So now what?

What should you do when someone tries to hurt you or put you down?

Are the emotions bad thing?

What is the correct way to decide?

Don’t worry my friends!!!

Just remember that you are made to face it one day. You can overcome it in a fantastic way.❤️

First, take some deep breaths.

Calm your mind.

Get out of the situation if possible.

Now use that emotional energy to analyse the situation.

Try to find out the reasons behind.

Accept the nature of events and forgive if needed.

      Once your mind is calm, you will acknowledge the situation or person more accurately. Also You will have more information.

Now you are in a better state to decide.

Weigh every aspects of the choices you have.

Consider the pros & cons.

Listen to your Heart.❤️

And Now Decide.

Believe me, You won’t regret. 🙂

” When you Decide, to calm your mind, you will be cursed.
When you Decide with a calm mind you will be blessed.”